Paper Wings

I love to shop!! Always have, always will.

With 2 small children, the convenience of online shopping is fantastic, but it weighs on my mind the contraversy that online shopping will put retail outlets out of business.

Online shopping is a must have for any retail business, as our lives get busier and busier, those evenings spent trawling the internet for those must have boots, or organizing your childrens next season wardrobe, is just good use of time.  If you know what you want, google will direct you where to buy it and where to find the best prices, not to mention buying the latest season international pieces straight from America or Europe before they even reach our shores.

It just makes sense.



However the retail outlet still has a purpose, perhaps more than ever.  Nothing beats the hands on experience at a beautiful store with lovely customer service and discovering new amazing and inspiring brands.  If you have a special retail experience you keep going back for more, it makes you feel good.

Take for instance my latest label find, Paper Wings.  My god, I love this label, I love their gorgeous, fun outfits, I wish I could buy the entire collection! However I would not have discovered this label if I didn’t visit the bricks and mortar store Bambolotta.




How are you able to discover new products unless you visit stores that stock them?  How can qualified staff introduce new products and ranges to you unless you go into a store?  If you are like me at all, you want to feel the fabric of clothes, check the quality before committing yourself to buying.  A beautiful store, full of beautiful things allows you to do that.

It leaves me feeling inspired.

If you want a successful retail outlet, give the customers a reason to visit you and they will.

I feel, in today’s world, if done correctly, online and retail actually compliment each other.  Perfectly.



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