Easter Hunt



Easter is here, but I am confused how to celebrate and what to do.  Being a mum with a 2 year old who is just beginning to understand, brings a whole new dimension of dilemmas.

Until now my son had no idea Easter even happened. 

I grew up in a Christian household, my parents were pastors, so of course Christmas and Easter were spent at church.  I don’t live a church focused life anymore so what do I teach my children?

I want to make Easter fun and meaningful for my son.  While I am not ready to tell my 2 year old that Easter is about death and new life, I will actually try to convey the new life element. 

I am thinking that my first Easter egg hunt will be on the cards! 

Of course I need chocolate eggs.  Bunny footprints would be fun.  An Easter egg basket for my son to put his bounty in and a set parameter in which to find all his eggs. Maybe even a list of which eggs to find, ie 3 blue eggs, 1 green egg etc to ensure I don’t leave any eggs unfound.


Now I am also wanting to do another egg hunt when my niece and nephew arrive.  They are slightly different ages, so what do I do to make a fair hunt? I am thinking I will give each child a color to find, this will ensure each child can find the same number of chocolate eggs. Next year I may incorporate letters of their names etc or a treasure hunt map which would be so much fun. 

While I am planning an Easter full of family, fun and games, I know the significance of Easter and will take my own time to reflect and be grateful.  My children will also know the Easter story when the time comes, when they are ready.  For now, trying to teach my son that eggs represent new life will be enough.

As with everything, finding the right way to celebrate Easter will bring on its own challenges every year as my children grow. 

But while they are young, I can steal some of their chocolate and they will never know!



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