Shopping for a bargain


I have 2 children.  A 12 week old (girl) and a 2 year old (boy) who is nearly 3.  They both grow up so quickly and I am really enjoying buying them new outfits.  I am loving the shopping.  I wish I had my own store to stock all the pieces I love!


But I do not have the finances to keep my children dressed how I would like. 

My solution: Finding bargains.

Firstly, I stay connected.  I follow my favourite brands on facebook.  What did we do before facebook?


Labels tend to launch their new ranges online before they even reach the stores and may also offer special deals you would otherwise have no idea about.  I mentally list the pieces I want from each brand and then wait.  Wait til I find a sale!

As previously mentioned I am an internet shopper.  I live in Geelong and we do not have access to all the labels that I like, so the internet works for me.  I follow various online stores and by just signing up many sites offer you a 10% discount on your first purchase. 

I also found that many online stores offer great discounts on long weekends, like 20% storewide!  On Good Friday, I checked my emails and could not believe how many online stores were all offering me 20% of new season styles just to shop on the weekend.


There are also some great ‘newsletters’ available online which notify you of the latest sales.  At the moment I am loving Kids Style File.  They have even developed an app you can download that lists which sites have current sales!  Some sites offer 65% off!

Another newsletter which many of you may know of is Mums Grapevine which sends out their email every Wednesday evening listing all the children’s labels which are on sale.  I love trawling through this.

I am not always a huge fan of department stores, but they do have predicable good sales of latest season stock and really reduced prices of old season.  So its definitely something to keep in mind. 

My best tip is to keep connected online to your favourite brands and be ready to grab yourself a bargain when opportunity presents itself!


Now if you have some great bargain shopping tips for me, or amazing online stores please leave me a comment and let me know!


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