Middle Eastern Carpet Ride

Passionate Life Kitchen – the name says it all. They are passionate about good food. And life.  Right up my ally!

I was super excited to go to one of their recent cooking classes – which promised to take us on a magic carpet ride through the delicious food of the middle east from Persia through Jordan and Turkey.  Wow – what a ride!  Christine has been to each of these countries and we were so lucky to not only hear her stories, but to be able to taste the gorgeous recipes.

They keep the class sizes small, so everyone gets to have a go.  Christine (our teacher) has travelled extensively and her love of the middle east came through in her stories and the food. The recipes (and spice combinations) are very authentic and  different to what I’d tried before.

[I took a quick break here while drafting this post – I felt the overwhelming urge to eat my lunch.  An hour early.]


In the 2 1/2 hour class we made a 3 course feast – including:   Persian baba ghanoush (which is smoky eggplant dip) with za’atar flatbread


Next was the main course – Kasbah Dijaj (Jordanian aromatic chicken stew with rice)

plk-chicken-dish chicken-stew MK Cooking class 2

Next was the dessert of mini baclava cups (Turkish layered pastry and nut delight) served with Labneh.

[Based on the amount of photos I took of the baclava cups, Im sure you can guess my favourite!].


Then it was on to the Bedouin “whisky” (tea fragrant with sage, cardamon, cinnamon and fresh mint) – YUM!  When Christine was first introduced to this drink upon her travels, she was perplexed…why did a non-alcoholic culture want to serve her ‘whisky’?  She soon discovered that this special delight, while non-alcoholic, was definitely one to add to her recipe list!

After we each took turns to prepare the food, it was time to sit down as a group and enjoy the delicious feast we’d prepared.  (and yes, those 2 coffee cups (in pic below) on the table were BOTH mine!)

final-image final-product

I had such a great time doing this course (and eating the delicious food!). The relaxed atmosphere meant that we could ask questions when we needed to, and had so much fun along the way.  Christine also threw in a few extra foodie delights, but you will have to visit one of her classes to find out about those…they are our secret.  There aren’t any fancy cooking skills needed, but Christine’s knowledge that she loved sharing along the way, along with the easy to follow recipes, would be hard to beat.  My sister even replicated many of the recipes the following week for her birthday party feast!  How lucky was I!  Also, any of these dishes would be great to add to your weekly family menu.

If you want to follow what Passionate Life Kitchen get up to, ‘Like’ them on Facebook and see their daily food temptations.  The best part is they also have *Host your own cooking party or interactive dinner party* Passionate Life Kitchen are also happy to organise cooking parties and interactive dinner parties in your home or venue of your choice, with dishes tailored to your requirements. Plus, you don’t have to do the washing up! What a great idea for a birthday party, an impressive dinner party or just a great reason for friends to get together.  Contact them to discuss your requirements at info@passionatelifekitchen.com.au

If you are signed up to the Macaroon Kids’ monthly ‘Inner Circle’ Email you will know that we feature a family friendly recipe created just for us by Passionate Life Kitchen. Just to give you a sneak peek of one of their family temptations, check out this link…http://www.passionatelifekitchen.com/?p=4406.  Whose kids would not like this!



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