Christmas is a time…

So this is Christmas.  What have you done?  Another year over and a new one just begun…


Can you believe we are decorating trees, listening to Christmas Carols and visiting Santa all over again?  

We have been using Santa as our ‘get out of jail’ free card for the LAST 6 MONTHS…my son says he wants something and we say ‘ask Santa’ and he says ‘ok’.  Its been pretty sweet but the pressure is starting to build.

A few months ago I blogged on my favourite Christmas Finds to give our children this year.  That blog was constructed when I was finalising our children’s gifts but now I am trying to move away from concentrating on gifts and onto teaching my 3 year old son that Christmas is not just about the presents.


I come from a religious background, so yes the birth of Jesus is part of the story of Christmas, but I also come from an all- encompassing mindset where I believe we each should be allowed to hold our values and still be appreciated.  There are so many different beliefs in our society that believing that ONE belief is the true and correct one (too often just because that was what we were born into) is naive.  To me Christmas is about being together and unity.

Many may wonder what the philosophy is behind Macaroon Kids.  Christmas is my philosophy…I create gifts for children to be given with love, gifts that last longer than one day and longer than one year…I create the new heirloom gifts that can be passed on to future generations, all while minimising my impact on the environment of the here and now.


Whether you believe in Jesus, God or Santa, to me Christmas is about love, forgiveness and family…it is about being together and valuing community and valuing each other.  

To me…that does involve giving presents, showing my love and appreciation to others through gift giving… and of course a delicious Christmas lunch.

So a huge Seasons Greetings to you all, whatever your culture, whatever your beliefs, whatever your background…may you enjoy this time..keep safe and keep happy xx





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