Our Toilet Training Adventures – Part 2

Back in May last year, I posted a blog about the challenges I was experiencing toilet training my son.  Now it is time for an update…

My son who is now 3.5 years, is fully trained…during the day.   He is doing great…but getting here was not easy.  We faced many issues but with time it all resolved.

To get to where we are, we used bribery…yep…bribery!  We had a slight issue called ‘number 2s only in a nappy’…sound familiar?  We were at a loss as to what to do until we got a great tip!

Together, my son and I found an old shoe box, we got the textas out, the ‘gloopy glue’, some scraps of paper and made a fun activity of decorating ‘this very special box’.  We then went around the house and found special items for the box…a wiggles dvd, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt pop up book and some M&Ms…and EVERY time my son did number 2s in the toilet, he got his special box!

At 8PM it was very tricky keeping our word…no one wants to watch Wiggles at 8PM…but I feel strongly about being a mum of my word and you know what…it worked!  No more number 2s in his nappy…what was the point, he would get no reward!

So here we are…working on night times!  Again bribery has been used…and now he is wearing jocks at night!  It has only been 2 weeks…but so far so good (please please please do not make me a lier tonight my son!)…our reward now is a little different.


Previously rewards haven’t been large, but now he wants a BUZZ LIGHTYEAR!  To receive such an expensive reward he needs to WORK for it.  He receives $2 for each dry night…so after 3 weeks he can go and buy his own Buzz!  3 weeks is a long time to a 3 year old.  So in conjunction with the chart above and a money chart he can watch his tally grow as he inches closer and closer to his goal.

It is so important to teach children about work, about money and about saving…so this is my first attempt.  We still have 2 weeks of dry jock nights to go but as my son says  …’I CAN DO IT’ 🙂 … not sure what we will do once the 3 weeks are up…any suggestions?

I have made this gorgeous chart downloadable, so feel free to adorn your fridge too xx


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