The Perfect Little Girls Dollhouse

When I first found out that I was the lucky recipient of a baby girl, I knew…one day…she would NEED the perfect dollhouse.  A place where her imagination can step out the lives of her creative characters.  So the research has begun!

The beautiful and classic Queen Mary’s Dollhouse is not exactly what I am after…but I am in love with so many different styles!  I love the stylish Swedish Lundby Dollhouse, where stories from another era can be created… the more traditional Victorian style Le Toy Van dollhouse…and I am also partial to the sustainable Plan Toys Eco Doll House…after all what better way to start teaching my children about an environmentally friendly home…



I am also a huge fan of something sleek and modern like the handcrafted beauty created by Made by Joel or even this Arne Jacobson replica I found on Web Urbanist (amazing dollhouses to check out here) …but which way do I go?


AND…then…as the universe would have it…the answer came my way.  I have recently found the marvellous blog The Domestic Darling…and she led me to the path of enlightenment …she renovated a tired, well loved dolls house into a new world for her babies and doesn’t it look amazing!

Renovation Dollhouse

So keep watching…by this Christmas I intend to renovate my own dollhouse, unleash my creativity and I cannot wait to start!  I can feel the beginning of an addiction coming on…

O’ Oh…I just spotted these shipping container dollhouses…


*Note: Since writing this I have found this awesome blog all about Mini Houses!  This is the perfect place to start your own research xx

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