10 Best Kids Crafts Blogs – going handmade

I keep mentioning a few kids crafting blogs over and over and thought maybe I should put all my favourites in one place for easy reference.

O.n.e                              I have a new blog crush!  I am completely in love with Mer Mag!  Its all well and good for kids to create their ‘crafts’ but when you can encourage their creativity into the direction of new stylish ‘decorations’ that look fantastic displayed proudly in the home…well … I’m SOLD! Merrilee is a very talented mum of 2 littlies and frankly, I am completely jealous of her effortless style…check it out and be prepared to be inspired!


T.w.o                            Recently I discovered Bloesem on Facebook and Instagram and again I am completely in love with their style.  Irene, the founder of this blog, is Dutch and her sleek modern style, along with that of her contributors, really shines through.  I love discovering so many new great kids products through following this blog as well as being inspired to create items with a new twist!


T.h.r.e.e                        Being a part of this modern world, means we get to ‘taste’ so many cultures from the comfort of our lounge!  While I would love to be roaming the world…this will have to do for now…El Hada De Papel is trilingual…English, Spanish and German (in case you need to brush up on these languages)…Hannah, Noah and Hilke are the writers of this blog and as their title says ‘you (will) find ideas and suggestions for crafting with kids…of different ages’…thoroughly charming…need I say more?


F.o.u.r                         The graphic designer/mum behind this blog has a sweet ideas to keep little hands busy…Molly Moo has some ideas I want to try myself…kid free

F.i.v.e                         I have referenced this blog recently…I just love Handmade Charlotte!  Every day she posts something either crafty or informative, relevant to busy mums…and its a great ‘go to’ when you want something to keep small fingers busy for 5 minutes.  Rachel is a mother to five children! Yes 5! As well as being a designer and writer of this blog!  She truly puts the busy into busy mum!


S.i.x                         There is a team of contributors at Classic Play who continually produce easy crafts to do with your kids…I like being reminded that the simple things entertain the children more than the complicated ones.

classic play 1922181_656784587714202_269931674_n

S.e.v.e.n                My son ADORES Mister Maker…so here is the website to give your little one loads of entertainment.

E.i.g.h.t                 I have also referenced Made by Joel in previous blog posts…I love seeing what this father comes up with for his little ones…they are our inspiration after all.


N.i.n.e                  LMNOP is an Australian blog all about its title…love make nurture organise play… doing the homework for you, you can find great Australian designers’ work…all child related…all in one place…below is a pic from Pip Lincolne’s (of meet me at mikes fame) book…

Sew-La-Do lmnop

T.e.n                    If you are after printables for either children or adults…Eat Drink Chic has all the links needed to creatively inspire!

eat drink chic donutprintables_05

Enough yet?  Just one more link of another Australian site…for the adult crafter…Craft Hunter! Get your craft on tout suite!


4 thoughts on “10 Best Kids Crafts Blogs – going handmade

  1. Thank you !!! Your list is fabulous!!
    So many that I haven’t yet discovered – can’t wait to explore them.
    I think my plans for the day have just changed 🙂

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