How to Spray Paint your Vases back to Life!

Many a year ago…I got married…and yes I bought all the vases used for the wedding reception…some good…some not so good…so time for a revamp! Handmade gift vase anyone?

spray paint glass vase copper

The hardest part of this DIY was finding the right paint to spray paint glass!  So here is what I used…

glass spray paint copper

I bought both of these paints from Artscene…they have such a great range of colours you will have so much fun choosing!  The beauty of Artscene…I finalised payment one day and they were at my door the next! Now thats service!  Sorry Bunnings…you were no use to me.

For this project you need:

-glass vases…these can be sourced from op shops too
-contact paper to cut shapes from or super good masking tape
-your chosen spray paints (I chose Krylon copper metallic and Liquitex sage green)
-newspaper to protect surfaces

So this super easy project doesn’t require much…but heed my warning…do not use cheap masking tape like I did (sad face)…the paint bled, the tape didn’t stick and I didn’t achieve the sharp lines I was after.  I did however, use the excess surround of some Macaroon Kids stickers that I had to achieve the perfect circles.  You could always cut your circles or triangles from contact paper.  By all means, if you cannot be bothered taping up fancy patterns onto your vase…you can go crazy like I did and just paint the whole thing one colour!  My allover copper vase looks pretty spesh!…NOTE: this can be addictive and I am very close to spraying every vase I own…then moving onto plastic containers…wire baskets…photo frames…


Once you have worked out your design, mark it out on your clean vase.  Now is the fun part!  Take your project outside – with newspaper to protect surfaces – and shake your cans!  Ensure only the areas you want coloured are visible and everything else is covered.  I filled the vases with newspaper to protect the inside of the vase from being coloured too.


Follow directions of your chosen paint and ensure you spray lightly…better to have more coats than to have runs everywhere!

Wait for your new handmade homeware to dry and then…pull that ugly paper away and see your new creation!  How proud are you!  Get yourself some pretty flowers…what a great excuse…and sit back with a cuppa and admire your handiwork…

spray painted copper vaseSo…what will you revamp first?…



One thought on “How to Spray Paint your Vases back to Life!

  1. I did the same for our wedding – collected jars and vases and bottles from all sorts of places. I swear – this hipster trend is the best thing that could have happened to opshops and dollar stores! We gave a lot of them away at the end, but I still have a couple of cherished ones in storage. This revamp looks great!

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