Easter Bunny Bunting DIY – How to…

Well that time of year is creeping up on us…with 2 young ones it is so much easier to get into the decorating spirit…so this week…Easter Bunny & Ombre Egg Bunting…

easter bunting

easter bunny bunting

Download the easter bunting template, pick your favourite paint colour chips and start creating.  I totally recommend tracing the design onto an old plastic container lid or cardboard box…this will make it so much easier to trace.  I have designed this template for specific paint chip sizes…the ombre egg was created with the Taubmans paint chips and the easter bunny has been created using British Paints chips. Choose your favourite colours and have fun…its a handmade craft to make you smile…


Creating this bunting is super easy…the only tricky part was attaching the bunny head to the body…I used sticky tape and a little piece of cardboard to give the head extra support…apart from that, the bunting is such a decent size that it makes a great visual impact …more easter goodies on their way to be shared…



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