How To Sew Your Own ‘Love Quote’ Cushion

I have redecorated my sons bedroom and I have been so inspired and focused putting together lots of loving touches.  One of them was this hand stitched cushion with the words I say to him everyday and everynight…

handstitched cushion

the I  LOVE  YOU  TO  THE  MOON  AND  BACK  and  ROUND and ROUND and ROUND cushion was very easy to create…if you have the time and patience.

First step is to decide your quote…I practiced the set up using Photoshop to make sure the words and colors all worked together.  Once I had finalised the design, I printed it out and traced the pattern onto tracing paper.

There are many ways to transfer the design onto your fabric, but I have just discovered the transfer pen! This super useful tool means you trace your pattern on the reverse of the tracing paper design then iron onto the fabric! Presto your design is now on fabric!


Then just stitch away!  I completed the job using backstitch only and had a ball, taking my time and stitching with love for my son…so what is your favourite quote you would like to try this for?

handstitched handmade cushion

H A P P Y   S T I T C H I N G   x x




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